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F/S Denon 5900 local pick up in Bay area.

  1. kool bubba ice
    Comes with everything. It's already packed. Local pick up. Cosmetics I'd give it a 8 out of 10.. No dents anywhere.. I'm selling this mainly as a CD/SACD/DVDA/MP3 player.. The DVD laser probably needs to be replaced, as it only reads about 60% of my DVD's.. But that's not the selling point. It has played every CD & CDR I threw at it.. Plus MP3.. I never used it with a high res format, but CD playback is on par with good 500.00 stand alone CD players.. & makes for a excellent transport.. Also does not play HDCD.. Only asking 90 bucks, which is firm... Why am I selling? The 83SE is just a better CD player..
    My feedback on ebay/Headfi/Audiogon is flawless.. over 250 plus positive transactions. 100% positive.

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