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[F/S] Calyx M with or without X-batt

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  1. captblaze
    For Sale
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    • Other (see description)
    Best offer:
    For Sale Calyx M in excellent condition with X-batt and original box (cloth cover and adapter are no longer with us)

    wonderful sound
    decent power
    low impedance friendly
    full and micro SD card support

    quirky o/s
    not the best battery life

    these are all knowns with this DAP. the sound it reproduces is exceptional (imo) and the X-batt does add another few hours to playing time (no lie... it makes it a desktop unit with the X-batt). on board firmware version is 1.01 (1.02 available from Calyx US)

    my terms are simple

    PayPal only (costs on me)
    shipping on me (usually FedEx, but also UPS in a pinch)
    signature is required
    PayPal and shipping address must match

    price for both - $475
    Calyx M alone - $400
    x-batt alone - $115

    questions or offers? Please PM (I do respond)

    just added - shipping to most places (within reason) that will add extra cost TBD

    20190103_123903579_iOS.jpg 20190103_124045782_iOS.jpg 20190103_131539334_iOS.jpg 20190103_131501790_iOS.jpg 20190103_131619136_iOS.jpg 20190103_123401785_iOS.jpg 20190103_123611449_iOS.jpg 20190103_123430744_iOS.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  2. captblaze
  3. immortalsoul
    Are you interested in a trade? I can offer you a Cowon Plenue P1. Please let me know. Thank you!
  4. captblaze
    Right now I am just interested in selling. I have a few more portables than places to listen to them
  5. captblaze
  6. captblaze
  7. captblaze
    . new lower price
  8. captblaze
  9. captblaze
  10. captblaze
    Monday morning bump
  11. captblaze
  12. captblaze
  13. captblaze
  14. captblaze
  15. TremWolod
    Hi! Still have?
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