F/S: Bogdan Audio Goldy RCA Interconnects (1M)...SOLD!
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Feb 26, 2009
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For Sale:
Bogdan Audio Goldy RCA Interconnects (1M)
I have settled in on the Kimber Silver Streaks while optimizing my interconnects, so I  no longer need these. They are outstanding gold plated sliver interconnects. I found that the mids/treble improved over the famous Kimber Hero RCAs (w/ WBT connectors) and the bass was unaffected.
They are 10/10 mint condition!
They retail for $690...I did get them from an Audiogon auction directly from the manufacturer and the price is ONLY: $SOLD + shipping (US or Canada...confirmed Paypal addresses only).
Please PM me if you're interested.

GOLDY RCA interconnects.
Hand-crafted in USA with audio grade, 99.99% pure, solid Silver wires and 24K Gold plated wires. Goldy has everything, speed and details of Silver and warmth and magic of Gold. Different sizes of wires and different metals are used but blended together Goldy delivers lifelike sound full of details, sweet mid-range and well controlled and defined low end.
Goldy RCA interconnects are very flexible, will work great in analog and digital, audio and audio/video applications.
Thanks for looking.

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