F/S Antique Sound Lab AV20 tube mono blocks
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Mr Do

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Jun 28, 2003
I have a pair of Antique Sound Lab AV 20 mono blocks for sale. I'm Asking $300, buyer pays shipping costs. The amps are doubled boxed and ready to go. I was planning on getting them modded but have decided to replace them with a pair of Dood Audio 8 watt mono blocks instead. I'm the original owner but do not have the original boxes anymore. I have all the stock tubes except for one 6L6 tube witch I broke when I moved. This is easly replaceble but highly recommended to uprgade both pairs of 6L6 tubes for improved sound. Both units are in prestine condition. I rarely used them since I broke one tube and debated on modding the amps vs. uprgrading to the Dodd. As mentioned earlier I have chosed to replace them with the Dodd's.

I accept paypal and will deliver to the continental U.S.


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