EXTREMELY URGENT: Looking for a VoIP Lapel-Type Microphone -- Please Guide Me!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Dec 12, 2003

I'm looking for something in the 40USD price range, with a possible bump up to the 60USD price range if this purchase negates the need for an additional headset. I have urgent need for this and will place the order ASAP.

The only use for this microphone will be Voice over IP -- in other words, conversations that are carried online.

The response should be full range (I want my voice to be represented correctly), but keep in mind I'm not looking for a studio recording type thing. Anything above the quality of the microphone included with the Plantronics .Audio 90 should suffice.

The microphone must be able to perform well enough in two different settings:
- Clipped onto my shirt for normal talking
- In my hand for close-range whispering

The microphone will be driven straight out of the onboard microphone jack on my laptop. No battery pack or whatnot.

So far, I have come up with:

Additionally, these lapel microphones are giving the option between "standard mono" and "dual mono". Which one does the Plantronics .Audio 90 use? Or if someone could describe the differences between the two and point me in the right direction for the purposes of VoIP, that would be just as great =)

Thank you very much!

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