External Hardrive for music, bus powered or not?
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Jun 20, 2008
Hi guys, I have a hard drive question in regards to my mac/hifi system.
As of this moment I have a 2009 MacBook Pro 15 inch laptop connected to a Firewire 1Tb hd, connected to my Primare dac 30, player software is Pure music and Amarra.
My plan is to upgrade to the next MacBook Pro that comes out maybe the end of this year or early next.
I will therefor go to a Thunderbolt system, iTunes library on external hd, and backup.
I also heard that not using the same bus for storage and playing to the dac is a good idea?
My question is this, is it okay to use a bus powered external hd, or is it better sound quality wise, to use a hd that has it own power supply ?
I ask this because it looks a bit more tidy with bus power, but in the end it all comes down to sound quality.

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