Extension Socket - affect sound quality?
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Jan 20, 2005
I only have 2 wall outlets nearby. From one wall wart I use a 'APC' 4 Socket extension plug to power both my integrated amp and headphone amplifier. I just made this change recently but can't really tell the difference so far.

My question is will this adversely affect the audio quality of both my components? I have someone advising me that extension plugs of any kind will deteriote the sound but I dunno
and I don't have enough wall warts to plug my components directy (I have total of 4, turntable exluded

I'm using a computer power regulator to power my cdp, turntable and phono stage. And I plan to upgrade to a power amp and amplifier in near future so theres another component to consider.

ps. I have noted some dealers connecting their entry level stuff to something like my 4 socket plug (no idea what brand, could be standard type). Is it possible that these entry level equipment do not gain much from lets say using a power plant?

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