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Explain your custom title

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  1. john_jcb
    Mine came from a thread like this. I was explaining to a newcommer what a customized title was.
  2. grinch
    i am made of vodka!
  3. DanG Moderator
    I sent a couple... err... choice cigars to Jude last year for his birthday. Hence "El Humidor"
  4. Audio Redneck

    Originally posted by grinch
    heh what an old thread

    Some times the old ones are the best ones.
  5. daycart1 Contributor
    There used to be a lot of double posts on this forum. I could never make one (not that I didn't try[​IMG] )
  6. BoardC3
    Ya ive been here for a while, i think if i had one it would be somethign about being the poor kid with the busted equipment (nak cd player (makes wierd noises)->Grado RA-1 (battery connections busted off)-> Grado SR-80 (plug is semi-disconnected, have to fold it backwards for it to work)) Also im basically never pleased and dont have even close to enough money to upgrade.
  7. Old Pa
    I had just gotten done explaining the concept of CPF (close personal friend - NOT!) and was rambling on about the unholy allegiance of some moderators at the time to themselves("moderator mafia"); I guess Jude found the "Godfather" specific character reference apt (an Mob outsider who gets expended), but the reference remains a little subtle to me. Since then, I have sought to garner less administrative attention (apparently succeeding; witness post count and member status. [​IMG] )
  8. Audio Redneck

    Originally posted by Old Pa
    .... witness post count and member status. [​IMG] )

    I resemble that remark. [​IMG]
  9. john_jcb

    Originally posted by Old Pa
    Since then, I have sought to garner less administrative attention (apparently succeeding; witness post count and member status. [​IMG] )

    Walking unseen through the morass of posts, headphones and amps reminded me of this:

    I walk unseen
    On the dry smooth-shaven green,
    To behold the wandering moon
    Riding near her highest noon,
    Like one that had been led astray
    Through the heav’n’s wide pathless way;
    And oft, as if her head she bow’d,
    Stooping through a fleecy cloud. -- John Milton
  10. Matthew-Spaltro
    Mine comes from a wheel of fourtune episode. The correct answer to the puzzle was the parthenon of greece. The lady only had one letter to solve the puzzle. So instead of saying the obvious, parthenon, she said larthenon.[​IMG]
  11. andrzejpw
    I had a question about a "DIY" approach to the noise canceling bose uses.

    Good thread!
  12. Russ Arcuri
    I got into a discussion (debate?) about headphone testing with Jude. I argued that verticals* were nearly impossible to make objective claims about. Unlike "regular" headphones, that fire primarily into the air space in your ear canal, verticals fire primarily into the soft/medium/hard tissues of your head, actually using those tissues as conduit for the sound. The air in a person's ear canal isn't going to differ appreciably from the air in another person's ear canal. However, the physical differences in proportion of skin, fat, cartilege and bone in a person's skull could have a rather radical effect on the sound a vertical headphone made in two different people's ears. For example, most people would agree that Sony MDR-V3000s sound brighter than Sennheiser HD600s. But the differences in my physiology might make the sound of a given vertical headphone brighter than the Senns to me but darker than the Senns to you.

    That's basically a long and convoluted way of saying I didn't think one person's sonic impression of verticals was at all valid for another person.

    I tried to sum up this idea with a pithy example: Quote:

    No matter how different our perceptions are, the transducer of the HD600s is going to deliver roughly the same frequencies at roughly the same volume to your eardrums as mine; the transducers in a vertical headphone can't possibly do the same thing if I've got 20% more jawbone jutting into the area around the transducer than you do, or if you have 15% less fat in the skin around your ear.

    I guess that struck Jude as funny, because he condensed it and made it my custom title.

    * For those who don't know what verticals are, here's my description from that same thread: Quote:

    The transducer is actually aimed forward -- straight ahead, in other words -- pressed right up against the skin at the front of the outer ear canal. Hard to describe, I guess. Imagine taking a dime, and pressing Roosevelt's face into the front of your ear, with the edge pointing in towards your inner ear, where the driver of most headphones would be pointed.

  13. ServinginEcuador Contributor
    Mine came from a post where I talked about having to pay for phone time by the minute here in Ecuador. Now we live in an apartment where it costs 3.5 cents per minute to be on the phone. That gets expensive quickly when you spend time here. [​IMG]
  14. MagusG
    [​IMG] Mine is uh.. wait, I don't have one... someone give me one. [​IMG]
  15. mbriant
    Mine came from a thread entitled "Naughty Words" which asked what we thought about swearing in the forums. I posted the following:

    I'm OK with swearing as long as it's not intended to directly insult someone. I would prefer people not use the word "tit-mouse" however, as it always makes me giggle.

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