Expert input requested (win 10 settings)
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I think I am DONE dialing in the PC. If you have anything else to try post it here (please and thanks).

1. bitdepth 44100
2. bits 24
4. Set to High Performance
5.disable usb power management
6.disable drive file indexing and compression
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I like to set my Windows 10 to 24-bit/48K or 24-bit 96K, but CD-audio is only 16-bit/44.1K.
Mp3s or FLAC is usually not more the 44.1K.
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Me too. They make a plug in that supports ASIO to avoid the Windows audio stack on the way to WASAPI. It helps, it's free, you should try it.
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1. bitdepth 44100
Good choice as most audio is 44.1 kHz. BTW: this is the sample rate, not the bit depth

2. bits 24
This is the bit depth, set it to the maximum value your DAC supports. In practice this is pretty often 24 today.

None of the above settings matter the moment you use a protocol like WASAPI or ASIO, they bypass the Windows audio stack.

In the past I had a DAP (dedicated audio PC) with all the tweaks applied like power management, no page file, no indexing, etc.
Today I simply have a PC without any tweaks.
Can't say I hear a difference as all those tweaks in general don't do much if anything at all.

The tweaks I tried can be found here:
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Here is where I am sitting on settings now.
Running Tidal (HIFI)
Using Audirvana to upsample all file types to 24/192 including MQA files
I had to switch back to WASAPI to upsample
Sounds Bloody Amazing to me.
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Windows update updated my Driver and the upsampling seems to have taken a fidelity hit. The bright side is the 16/44.1 sparkles with high fidelity now. Might try switching if you got the update.
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Since I am no longer upsampling I switched back to the ASIO2WASAPI driver that Schiit uses to listen to their products. Still at 16/44.1. STILL HAVING FUN!

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