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Experimental Rock Music (Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, Grunge, Brit-pop, Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Madchester, Ethereal Wave, etc.) Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Music' started by larethio, May 5, 2016.
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  1. supplehope

    This is my gateway album to Katatonia. Rainroom is one of the best songs by them as well. I also enjoy almost every other albums by them, especially The Great Cold Distance until Night Is The New Day, which in my opinion, was impossible for me to get into. That's when I have lost interest in Katatonia then.

    And thanks to WraithApe for introducing Antihoney. Absolutely one-of-a-kind industrial, dreamy shoegaze that actually matches Loveless somehow.
  2. WraithApe
    Ride - Nowhere
  3. Larethio

    I really do love Ride. Too bad their excellence was short lived though.

    But if you want to go close to the beginning of it all......

  4. Larethio
    This thread has been expanded! I've done this in celebration of the return of my favorite iem, the Etymotic ER-4S. Feel free to discuss! :)
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  5. WraithApe

    R.E.M. - Chronic Town
    Pixies - Come On Pilgrim
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  6. WraithApe
    Throwing Muses - The Real Ramona
  7. Larethio
    Take your typical Nirvana sound and add a little space rock to it then you have this.

  8. WraithApe
    A bit more grunge from the archives...
    Screaming Trees - Change Has Come EP
  9. WraithApe
    Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
  10. WraithApe
    Summer Canibals - Summer Cannibals
  11. Larethio
  12. WraithApe
    PinkShinyUltraBlast - Happy Songs For Happy Zombies
  13. WraithApe
    You'll Never Get To Heaven - Adorn
  14. wuwhere Contributor

  15. Pastapipo
    I made a fairly extensive list of the in my eyes best Indie/Alternative rock songs of the last ~25 years.
    Hope you'll enjoy it :)
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