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Experience with lendmeurears

  1. farstar
    Was interested in getting input from the forum on their experience with lend me ur ears.
    I had done an Amazon purchase from them for the Vsonic VSD3S (in green) which I feel is a fair set of IEMs for the price. No problems with this transaction.
    When I decided to try the TFZ Series 5 I decided to go directly from their site (couldn't find it on Amazon). There was a problem with the order (late fulfillment from the forwarder and was sent the Series 3 by mistake due to incorrect UPC sticker applied). When I sent a message to them through their website, they apologized and offered to send me the correct Series 5 while telling me to keep the Series 3 that I was sent by mistake (not theirs).
    I am enjoying the Series 3 and am looking forward to the Series 5. When they both come in I will try to carve out some time to give both a review good enough to post.
  2. wskl
    LMUE are well known to head-fi, I have used them with no problem in the past.
    I must say they were very generous in letting you keep the TFZ Series 3.
  3. thatonenoob
    LMUE is solid to buy from.  Glad to hear about your good experience.

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