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Excellent service from iBasso on D10 order

  1. perca
    Hi. I just want to give a big thanks to iBasso customer service for super fast shipping on my D10 order (even though the web-site says "out of stock")!
    Also - they followed my special shipping instructions. Fast and problem free transaction! [​IMG]
  2. SemiAudiophile
    i also wanted to say thanks to ibasso on their excellent service and super fast shipping of a very, very high quality product. my d10 shipped yesterday and it arrived today!! first time i seen anything arrive from overseas in just 2 days, DHL is awesome (especially their tracking)! the D10 sounds absolutely incredible and represents extremely good value at a very affordable and reasonable price. [​IMG]
  3. Glareskin
    I ordered mine yesterday but the only thing so far is a payment confirmation from PayPal (even though I payed with Visa?).
    Do you get any shipping confirmation from iBasso? Where are they located?
    Thanks for your help.
  4. hhhonchor
    Don't worry you shouldn't expect an email from them on order but you will get one when it is dispatched which includes your tracking number for the shipment. Mine was sent from HK.
  5. Glareskin
    Thanks. I was starting to get worried......
  6. Glareskin
    I received my shipping confirmation on Monday. Two days after order. I will post when it arrives here in Europe.
  7. eXelero
    my D2+ arrived very fast, details on shipment were as agreed with iBasso representative. everything went just fine - it arrived fast and it works perfectly! [​IMG]
    thanx alot, iBasso! excellent service and an amazing product [​IMG]
  8. colgateam
    D10 and T4 arrived today, very fast shipping and great quality.

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