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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 23, 2009
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
Hey Everyone on Head-Fi! I’m pleased to announce that I have just started consulting for Drop (drop.com)! I hope to be a bridge to connect audio enthusiasts with the people at Drop to answer your product questions, give them feedback about your sonic desires, and hopefully provide some education and entertainment for our happy little niche!

For those of you who don’t know me, I joined the Head-Fi forums back in 2008-9 looking for solutions to hook up headphones to my game consoles, so I wouldn’t bother people in the dorms. I’ve spent many fun years writing reviews and guides here, consulting for Sennheiser, Dekoni, grell audio, and starting now, Drop! I hope some of you remember me trying to help out with your audio journey, as well as sharing my own! I appreciate and even learned how to do frequency response, square wave, distortion, and other headphone measurements… but also have an appreciation for how the squiggles vary from rig to rig and even just the weather of the day, and how we still need human impressions to describe the character of a headphone.

What can you expect me to do at Drop and here on Head-Fi.org?

First of all, sharing product knowledge. Let me say right off the bat that I don’t believe one-size fits all, and there are many considerations in choosing audio products. Anyone shopping needs the right info to be empowered and decide what is most beneficial for them. I don’t believe entertainment and art should be ranked, what I like is going to be what you like, or that audio has one right answer. Sometimes there are hidden gems or something that will just hit YOUR tastes just perfectly! Conversely, I also believe it’s important to know up-front if certain traits might be sticking points for some people. Long term, it’s in everyone’s interests to reduce disappointment and returns. Fortunately Drop has agreed with this condition – that’s why they serve up a variety!

In addition to product descriptions and audio knowledge, I’ve also heard talk of more cool products and Drop Collaborations coming in the near future (insider info is fun! Maybe you’ll get some teases :wink:, I’ll share some general audio guides and audiophile love, and maybe even starting a podcast with Mechanical Keys community manager Hoffman to banter about what’s new!
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Big congrats, and well deserved!
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Congrats brother, and I know you'll be a huge asset for them!

Tell them to send me some mechanical keyboards! :'(
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Congratulations @Evshrug! 🥳

And as it turns out, I actually have a question for you. For months now, I've been trying to figure out what this means:


At first, I thought it was a portmanteau based on "elevate" and "alleviate" except that makes very little sense. Then I thought it might be meme-based on some level, but a dearth of Google search results don't seem to bear that out. Finally, I just gave up and assumed it was based on a fake/joke word known more or less exclusively to the Drop community.

But since you're here now, I might as well ask you! :relaxed:

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