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EVS Ric Schultz Modded - Samsung HD-841 CD/SACD/DVD-A

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  1. omedon
    For Sale
    I graduated from my head-fi obsession some time ago so it is time to let go of my equipment (though I still one day dream of owning Balanced PS1000's & a GS-X). This player looks great with a Gilmore Lite or GS-1.
    This is an advanced mod done by Ric Schultz of Electronic Visionary Systems www.tweakaudio.com there is more involved than your standard vinnie and swenson.
    Plenty of power supply modding, dampening, vampire RCA jacks, IEC connector (so you can use custom power cables), and top of the line Black Gate Caps. 
    If you are interested in more specifics I suggest looking at this article to give you an idea of the mods that are done.
    Or better yet contact Ric himself at tweakaudio.com (the man loves to talk)
    The player truly does sound amazing. Very transparent. DVD-A's are a special treat if you have them. I highly recommend Beach Boys - Pet Sounds and Becks - Sea Change. Ric stopped making his well renowned Millenium DACS b/c he was getting better results from these player's.
    I paid $300 for the Mod on top of the price of the player
    Asking $100 CAD.
    I can include a hefty PS Audio MiniLab audio cable for an extra $30
    And 4 VibraPods and 4 VibraCones with a custom cut plexiglass stand for an additional $30
    Atlas Questor OFC RCA cables $40
    Headamp Gilmore Lite $220

    My Feedback Thread.
  2. omedon
    Price Drop
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