Evoke-3 DAB
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jan 21, 2005
Although this is not a DAP, it's a tranny - I suppose it still counts as 'portable audio.'

It's basically a retro-style stereo digital radio that has emerged in the UK and for any UK people that can actually get hold of one, they are very useful.

Digital Radio is broadcast as MP2 data which is not the best and it is HEAVILY compressed on some stations. This makes for nasty sound in some cases but there are some gems out there and this radio makes the most out of what we are offered.

It looks like something from the 60's but has some great features. It has FM for areas where you can't tune in to digital, you can plug your ipod into it if you actually want to use it as an amp and speaker set up and it has an SD card slot to enable you to record DAB. This is a fantastic feature since you get information in the form of text from the radio stations, telling you what is going to be broadcast and you can 'book' it so that your card records it. In other words, time stepping is here with an electronic version of the Radio Times. BBC sends out schedules. In my opinion, this is one of the most useful features of this radio.

The sound from the speakers is very good for a tranny. You can fine tune the treble and bass. For speech, I take the bass down to -2. Sound via the line out is EXCELLENT. Headphone listening is sharp to say the least. I take a line to my Go-Vibe and listen on Grados, which gives a razor sound even on MP2.

You can't tell the difference between the card sound and the radio. It stores programmes as MP2 as well. No difference. If you want to listen on your ipod, then you need a programme to convert MP2 to MP3 which is a simple thing to do.

It is upgradeable. You connect the radio to the computer and it upgrades its own software for you so here is a radio that Pure want to keep running for a while with upgrades. The latest upgrade, 1.1 fixes a problem that there was with card errors. A card of 1 gig will store up to 18 hours!!! (Depending on data size sent by stations)

If you enjoy the media of digital radio, this is a great unit to consider.

Good sound. FM Radio. Digital Radio. Excellent on headphones. Timed recordings. Input for MP3 players. Can be used as a base unit or portable. Runs on mains, batteries or a power pack that can be recharged. Great for people like me who travel a lot.

It's expensive, but worth considering. If this is too much, then the Evoke 1 is a great unit but there is no FM and recording facility. Evoke 2 adds FM. Evoke 3 is the one!!!


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