[[everybody let's play]]identify these headphones these headphones Timbaland is wearing (videos inside)
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Feb 27, 2008
Timbaland is known to create "creations" thru headphones
below is some video clips of Timbaland wearing headphones
can you indentify them?

YouTube - Jay Z and Timbaland In the Studio
[size=xx-small]starts: 00:00 / ends: 00:26[/size]

YouTube - Timbaland (The Diary of Timbaland) Pt.1
[size=xx-small]starts: 02:05 / ends: 02:18[/size]
YouTube - Timbaland (The Diary of Timbaland) Pt.3
[size=xx-small]starts: 04:48 / ends: 06:20 [/size]
[size=xx-small]note: Jay-Z is wearing/holding the headphones[/size]

YouTube - Timbaland In The Studio
[size=xx-small]starts: 02:38 / ends: 02:50[/size]

YouTube - Kanye West & Timbaland In The Studio Working On Stronger
[size=xx-small]starts: 01:58 / ends: 02:19[/size]

[size=medium]THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!![/size]

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1/ Sony MDR-7506

2/ Either Audio-Technica W1000's or W2002's. I'd go for the W2002's but this would mean Timbaland is really into headphones, which if we look at the probability is not very likely.

3/Same headphones as the previous ones. In fact I think those are W1000's, they're not shiny enough to be W2002's.

4/Don't know, maybe a pair of Technics, Stanton or Panasonic headphones.

5/Don't know
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5th video looks like Equation RP-22x
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Id recommend Timbalands music for audiophiles who like rap. His recordings are some of the best Ive heard for the rap genre. Check out TImbaland and Magoo - Indecent Proposal. Its a great album sonically and artistically IMO.

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