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Every man needs a good pair of black leather shoes

  1. Spareribs
    Every respectable gentleman should own at least one pair of good black leather shoes. It's a part of being a man. Whether you're a politician, business man, international world traveler or a man who enjoys his fine cocktail after work, he needs to own at least one pair.

    You can still love your other shoes but every great man in history has owned at least one pair of black leather shoes.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I always have two pairs of black shoes (one more formal than the other) apart from what I wear to work, plus a brown pair just in case I wear a navy blue suit. And belts to match.
    On most weekends though I'm basically wearing what people wear to a local yacht club - khaki (or same fabric but mushroom or grey) shorts, collared shirt, and either boat shoes or loafers (especially the ones with segmented soles as they move with your feet in a very natural way). Even when I'm not headed out anywhere near the sea (although on the island I'm on and most of the archipelago you'd never be more than 100km from the sea anyway).
    The downside to not wearing sneakers since second year of college though is that your friends jokingly refer to you as "Daddy," despite being the one farthest from being one based on life choices.

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