Ever Since I Joined Head-Fi I Stare at People's Headphones
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Feb 18, 2009
I admit it. It's true. I can't help it. Can you?

The other day, this burly guy packing biceps the size of my face threw me a look of venom when I stared at his V-Modas for one second too long. He looked like he was ready to give me customs by punching my 530's directly into my skull. On another occasion, a woman thought I was a child predator because my gaze lingered on her daughter's Bose In-Ears. I left the train, because I was so ashamed.

I can't help it, and I was wondering if I'm the only one with this problem. I try just to "notice" what IEMs the woman in front of me is sporting, and then that turns into "staring" because I can't figure out whether she has an SE310 or an SE420. And it's only after moving around a bit, or stepping in front of her, that I realize that it's an SE310. And that she's a dude.

What a life.
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This is happening to me too. Whenever I see people using ibuds or skullcandies or bose i just can't help myself say something negative
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LOL! Yes, I do it now
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yep, affirmative
, cant say i've spotted anything interesting here yet though, whenever I get involved in a conversation with a stranger about my IEMs they innevitably say something like 'wow, I bet those are expensive, probably not as expensive as bose though hey?' to which I usually mutter something under my breath.
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Whenever anyone on the street walks past me with 'phones, It's all I look at
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Originally Posted by Zalithian /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Pretty much everyone at my school uses Apple stock buds or JVC Gummies. The only difference I've seen in non full sized headphones is some sony buds.

Most expensive pair of headphones or IEMs on the street is the.. QC3
Then maybe the SE310's in Paris, then SE110 in London. I did see the HD25-II on the bus once. But the rest are JVC marshmallows, iBuds, and bundled phone headsets. So for me, I hardly see much but when I do get a glimpse of a "rare" headphone, I tend to glance at it for about 20 seconds.
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I don't see many Sennheisers here, the most common alternative to iPod earphones would be Shures!
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yea it's a very nasty habit actually to stare at every single thing people put on their ears - a peculiar habit developed after joining Head-Fi. I even stared at mobile phone headsets. And my eyes will bulge when I come accross those wearing the "top breed" IEMs LOL!

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