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Ever buy a pair on a lark and find you really dig em? (V-Moda Remix)

  1. Trager
    I left my current phones at home while on an overnight work trip and desperately needed a set of phones to keep my sanity with in the interim. So I went to the local Best Buy, figuring I'd pick something midrange up and take it back if I wasn't happy. The only pair they had that looked even remotely respectable was the Remixes, and despite my absolute hatred of the Vibes, I decided to give em a shot.

    Strangely, I am really liking them with my iPhone 4. Maybe it's a synergy thing. Maybe I just got too used to the RE0 and S4i phones that I've been using lately. But these sound really rather good. Nice detail, decent bass, and a generally good tone. Maybe slightly cool compared to the klipsch phones, but not in a bad way at all.

    I kinda feel dirty for liking them so much. But there it is. Anyone else tried these guys yet? I'm really curious about where they'll go after burn in (since I believe they are dynamics).
  2. oclafcire
    Well here I sit, listening to these things through burn in after experiencing pretty much the EXACT same scenario (best buy and all) and I had to come here to check and see if anyone had anything good to say about this forced purchase of mine that I am very much enjoying, to my amazement. Quite a sentence that was, huh? I must agree with the above sentiments regarding a certain "synergy" between these, and my shiny new iPhone 4. I left best buy convinced these were merely a loaner pair until I was reunited with my grado sr225 woodies. I love my WWII radio operator style cans and have never even attempted to use an IEM of any type before, but these literally "popped" right into my ear canals and seem to be more than comfortable staying tightly sealed in there. While the sound quality leaves much to be desired after becoming spoiled by my woodies, these little buggers more than make up for it with their synergicism. But yeah, can't wait to see what happens after a proper burn in.

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