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Even more adventures in Binaural Recording! (FREE BINAURAL RECORDINGS!)

Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by lff, Sep 12, 2010.
  1. LFF
    Once again I found myself having some down time with my wife and we decided to spend the evening listening to some live entertainment. The place of choice is Disneyland mainly because we are annual pass holders. Once again, I decided to bring along my dummy head for some binaural recording. Playing was "The Side Street Swing Orchestra feat. Melanie Collins".
    Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late and missed the first two sets, catching only the last song, "Sweet Sue", from the second set recorded behind the crowd (~25 feet from band) and in front of foot traffic. I decided to add it here so you can hear the difference in sound quality just based on placement.
    The next full set was recorded dead center about 10 - 15 feet from the band. The sound system was better set-up than previous times. The only annoyance was a buzzing noise that I still can't discern where it emanates from. It's always there regardless of who is playing. I think it might be a bad light or bad feedback. Luckily, I was able to remove it from the recording without affecting the music. [​IMG]
    During Satin Doll, you'll hear the fireworks going off for "Fantasmic!", a cool show that Disneyland has had going on for quite some time. You'll also hear the dancers shouting, people talking, chairs shifting, etc. Essentially, you'll be hearing it exactly as if you were there minus the annoying buzz! Enjoy!
    Recorded in true binaural and encoded in lossless FLAC with cue sheet!!!!
    The Music:
    The Cue Sheet (updated 7-17-2011):
    Let me know if you like it! If there is enough interest, I'll post the other set. [​IMG]
  2. mukulymn
    Thanks a lot
    i appreciate ur work
    i really liked it
    this is my first experience with binaural recordings
    love to hear more
    thanks again
  3. spookygonk
    Thanks for the download, will give it a listen tomorrow. [​IMG]
  4. Surreal.
    Thanks for the music.
    It was really enjoyable. I would love to hear more!
  5. markmaxx
    Only problem for me is I have a CDP. and the downloads can't be burned to a disc..Darn.
  6. LFF


    Yes they can. That's why I included a cue sheet.
    You will need a program like Foobar2000 to burn it to CD. [​IMG]

    SEE HERE!!!
  7. Graphicism Contributor
    This was pretty neat to listen too, thanks for sharing! Of the binaural recordings I've enjoyed in the past (I forgot the main website where people upload) was ones that took you on a virtual tour through the streets, it certainly gave a broader sense of sound as it comes and goes, perhaps a doppler effect. I was thinking it would be excellent if you walked towards to the live music, around, and then away; is this something that could be possible with your recording setup? If you record some more please post them, they're always a pleasure to listen too.
  8. Maxvla Contributor
    Best one yet. Great post!
  9. BigUli
    Congratulation! I always loved the "Dummy Head Recording" and even got a Sennheiser MKE2002 myself. Got it when I've beeen at university when it was available on the market at that time [​IMG] ... Should go out for live recordings in the streets and nature, but those time restrictions...
    Thanks for your beautiful recordings making us "visit" that concert at Diesneyland.
  10. danielghofrani
    that was great thanks!
  11. LFF


    Yes it is...  [​IMG]
  12. Gatepc
    Very cool recording, thank you very much for posting this for us. I only wish more things wore recorded like this. 
  13. donunus
    cool, I'll check this out!

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