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European Championship 2012 (Football / Footbol / Soccer)

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  1. OK-Guy
    Well it's that time again when we get all nationalistic & tribal and abuse others from other Countries in the glorious name of football...
    C'mon England I say...
    For God, England & Elizabeth (my take on Henry V)
    For those not supporting England... I truly hope you lose
    Groups & Match Schedule Link:
    European Championship - News, Reports, Podcast etc
  2. smial1966
    That's the spirit! Xenophobic nationalism. [​IMG]
    Seriously though, England stand NO chance of winning the Euro's.
  3. OK-Guy
     look we can only be better than the so called 'golden generation' that failed the nation, have faith & less of the negativity [​IMG]
    seen any French ?.... [​IMG]
  4. oqvist
    England won´t win no. That´s for sure.
    Sweden won´t get through the group that´s also for sure but I am sure we will beat you guys.
    Netherlands will take it home this time. Will make sure to break all the legs necessary to beat Spain which have to many that already won it all.
    Germany is always interesting but obviously they now can loose on penalties :wink:.
    Dark horse Russia will never make it but it would be fun.
  5. OK-Guy
    England won't win huh... they said that about Denmark & Greece [​IMG]
    you'll beat us.... in your dreams
    Germany, France & Holland look strong... the Italian's if they're interested are always a dark horse... the Ruskies looked inventive last nice.
    simmering nicely [​IMG]
  6. OJNeg
    I'm watching the Danes hold off the Dutch right now and I'm fairly surprised. The Dutch have no one to blame but themselves; they've missed so many opportunities. I also watched Russia come out strong against C.R. yesterday. The Russian defense absolutely strangled the Czechs and I think they have a chance to go far in this tourney if they keep playing that well.
  7. OK-Guy
    have to agree with that... Danes look like they could be on one of their famed raiding parties
    The German's look almost boringly efficient at times... bit like their cars
    Spain v Italy could be spicy later.
  8. ocswing
    Oy, Holland needs to take Robben out. His form right now is shockingly horrible.
    Germany had a tough match. Who knew Portugal could actually play solid defense?
    England will make it out of the group, but no further.
    Unfortunately, I think Spain will win it all again. My dark horses are Croatia and Russia though.
  9. Blackmore
    So far, the only team that plaid as not an team were Holland, but these guys are always slow with start, only this time they failed in their strategy totally. They run out of their steam pretty quickly and couldnt score a single time, whily Danish guys were more focused on the coach instructions and ones they got the chance, boom and done. Take the second part mostly, how many times Danish didnt use their possibility of contrattack? I think 4-5 at least and if they did, they may finished with 3-0 easy. They were more compact and focused and thats helped them to keep the score. I truly hope that Dutch players will realise that they have to leave behind all their personal abilities and become an real team, otherwise they will be back to home very soon, however they have to be like that from the start, especially in their group.
    Russians were lucky that Czech's gave them that much space to do what they did, so, Czechs were bad in my opinion, especilly their keeper. I couldnt believe how bad he was this time, remember how he was with Chelsea vs Bayer? Well, if you didnt see the game, just check again pls and you will understand. On the other hand, Russians showed their ability of playing a good football like a team and l like it, hopefully they keep that to the end, whenever it may come for them...
    Germany keeps their strategy for ages and it works. I realy like Portugal, its alive and very fresh play, also very recognizable, but they were out of luck this time, pity, could be more dramatically in the good way, but its not over yet, at least I hope they think the same way and will fight back with more fire.
    And finally, Greece vs Poland, man, did I like Greece? Hell yes, especially with that nasty job of referee that totally destroid the team, but not their spirit. Poland were not bad at all,  but with such push up from this Spanish guy, you must be totally out of luck to play bad, however their play in the first part seem to be more alike on play, cos second one they thought they already won, but they were wrong.
    So far, and not based on the quality play only, Greece and Portugal are the favorite teams for me.
  10. rasmushorn
    Thanks to Robben for throwing away so many chances and giving us three highly unexpected points [​IMG]
    Now everything can happen in the group of death....
  11. Ultrainferno
    I still think portugal and germany will go through to the next round. No great matches so far...
  12. OK-Guy
    supporting the Dutch must be like supporting West Ham.... great passionate fans but always ends in misery & tears.... ho-hum
  13. OK-Guy
    despite what Ultra says.... I reckon it could be Holland & the Danes who go through... in the 'group of death' hell is the easy option [​IMG]
  14. OJNeg
    No way that the Germans don't get through. I'd put my money on
    Group A: Russia & ?????
    Group B: Germany & Portugal
    Group C: Spain & Croatia(?)
    Group D: Sweden & England
  15. oqvist
    France/UK and Sweden/Ukraine today.
    Hasn´t really seen anything of the french this year will be interesting.
    Sweden and Ukraine with Ukraine being the home team I have no idea how that will go.
    To bad Elmander is off but hope he will be available later on.
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