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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. Nachash
    out of stock :frowning2:(
  2. davidcotton
    Advancedmp3players and iheadphones both have the shure se315 down to £139.  Having never tried Shure I'm quite tempted by that price. 
  3. james444 Contributor
  4. tuahogary
    HJE900 £94 now on Amazon UK via Daily Deals
  5. tan1415
    Damn it...missed out on the UE700. €59 is a pretty incredible deal.. Back to 149€
  6. vrln


    If you can stand the deep insertion, I think you´ll be pleasantly suprised. I ended selling my Shure 530 because of that though, but I have nothing but praise for the sound. Very musical, nice warmth (it´s not a monitoring IEM) and awesome bass control.
  7. tan1415
    For people who forgot about valentines day.. Sennheisers in PINK...just 10 pounds and best of all...shipped everywhere and guaranteed non fakes.
    luvly present :)
  8. LooptroopRocker
    Denon AH-C452 for 9.99 GBP from Amazon UK. Not a bad deal for someone who needs a back-up pair.
  9. natashaful
    Thanks for that find, I bought a pair of those for jogging and mucking around [​IMG], I was even cheeky enough to use the free delivery option lolol.

  10. LooptroopRocker
    Sweet! Let me know how you like them :)
  11. james444 Contributor
  12. Ultrazino
    Incredible deal on the HJE900!
    Although I often buy from Play.com, they won't accept my German delivery address. "Electronic items, gadgets and toys can only be delivered to UK addresses."
    Really too bad, but fortunately I already have a pair. [​IMG]
  13. sepinho

    Borderlinx.com will provide you with both a US and a UK delivery address. No idea how, if it's still worth it after s&h, but the Borderlinx account itself is free, just give it a try. I've bought my TF10 from amazon USA through them and it was still way cheaper than buying them in Germany.
  14. hardtarget666
    Thanks! Bought the HJE-900 to replace my wife's dead RE-0.
  15. Ultrazino

    Total cost: EUR 102.62
    Meh, no thanks!
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