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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. god-bluff
    Wow either you are very lucky or...

    By any other standards it's a good price; about a third cheaper than I have seen them before. Was quite pleased with myself until I learned you can get them for just 1/5 of the usual price. Typical. Damn and blast. Bugger me.. etc !!!

    THANKS?! !? :frowning2:
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  2. kova4a
    Ooops, sorry I didn't want to spoil your pleasure. Anyway, I do have to thank you because I wouldn't have found this deal if I hadn't seen your post. That was some crazy coincidence and alignment of the stars. If I actually get them, I'll owe you a beer or something.
  3. miketlse
    You were offered a good deal.
    Today the offer on the clear is €1099, so have to think a bit longer about that.
    The iSine 10 deal is €329, so pondering that as well.
    halcyon likes this.
  4. loopfreak
    Yesterday I've received 1249 Euro offer for the Clear, which was lame.
    halcyon likes this.
  5. miketlse
    Looks like there is no consistency to these offers - are the offers random, or based on country, or some other metadata from ones profile?
    halcyon likes this.
  6. loopfreak
    My guess is the IP address. Next time I'll go through VPN lol
  7. sujitsky
    Sony zx300 on amazon uk for £379. Deal of the day under cyber Monday deals...
  8. Shanachai
    Amazing deal on a DAP that I have been looking since its release and will not buy simply because in Europe it comes only in silver. Well done Sony, you missed market share just because of that.
  9. Tiax
  10. halcyon
    maniac2003 likes this.
  11. kova4a
    Turns out I'm that lucky!

    edit: and thank you again, of course. I owe you one.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
    god-bluff likes this.
  12. Deftone
    I bet they would be good for gaming with that bass!
  13. kova4a
    Actually, these are tuned for clarity rather than being bass cannons. I would describe them as neutral leaning towards bright.
  14. Deftone
    Well that took a turn quick lol i genuinely thought they were senns bassy range.
  15. kova4a
    One would think that with them being closed-back and having a bass control, but these are actually clearer and more neutral than most of the other senns, like the hd650 for instance.
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