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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. davidcotton
    No more Ibood in the uk (guessing brexit related shennanigans here :frowning2: )
  2. ivo001
  3. parabellum777
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  4. gugman
  5. tienbasse
    There is a Sony WM1Z dap for 1810€ from Amazon warehouse deal on German Amazon.
    Definitely a good price if it's not too scratched.
  6. henrylee
    Advanced mp3 in the uk has clerance sale for cayin n5ii and fiio x5iii as open box sale 250GBP for n5ii and 300GBP for the x5
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  7. god-bluff
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  8. halcyon
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  9. Jerda
    Halcyon some time ago the senn were priced 330€
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  10. Walderstorn
    That's not a good price imo.

    They suck anyway imo :)
  11. Light - Man
    Tell us more and don't hold back (not that you have!). :ksc75smile:

    I remember seeing them on Amazon UK for about £367 and I still did not bite.

    I and several others, reckon that they are probably well overpriced especially due to the conflicting views on them. I am not prepared to take the risk on them until they go well below £300.

    I reckon there is far too much mediocre stuff going for BS prices and often I reckon that the hype on Head-Fi (and such) is largely responsible for manufacturers greed.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  12. silas94
    Are the hifiman he400i worth getting if i want a pair of open headphones, i hear a lot of complaints about build quality.
  13. Jerda
    Go for them
  14. I g o r
    Anyone know of a good deal on Audeze iSine 10 or 20 with Cipher cable? Thank you.
  15. chungoooo
    Well in some shops in spain like studio-22 and others have them at 529 euros
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