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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. parabellum777
  2. Asspirin
  3. Shanachai
    Too many negative and neutral reviews (the seller)
  4. parabellum777
    98,1% positive from 61964 votes. The worst thing it can happen is that Paypal refunds me my money. I´m not worried about it. It is a good deal.
  5. McCol
    Won’t ship to the UK, but a good deal anywhere else in the EU.
  6. wylfsyn
    I agree. Had one, nothing special. Bulk, heavy, SQ without sparkles.
  7. parrymike
    These are down to £30 now. Thanks for the heads-up.
    Crumblenaut likes this.
  8. Crumblenaut
    Even better bargain! will have to buy a backup pair now...
  9. parrymike
    Less of a bargain now I have had to buy a pair for my daughter as well.
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  10. god-bluff
    Kef M400 £39.99 HMV
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  11. Coop
    Not a EU deal, but came across a flash deal for the Colorfly C3 8GB for less than €20.
    I know, this player isn't exactly spectacular, but it'll make a decent backup or decoy to give to your spouse or kids...

  12. gugman
    amazon UK has Philips Fidelio X2 for £129

    amazon Spain has it for EUR 159

  13. Gojira81
    If anyone interested Amazon germany has discounts on B&O headphones until midnight, I got the H6 2nd generation for 169 euros.
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  14. vrln
    Finally fixed the thread title... Thought I had done that a long time ago, but guess not.
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  15. Coop
    Light - Man likes this.
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