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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. vrln
    There´s the HIFIMAN HE400i for 180 pounds on Amazon.co.uk... Might just tempt me to buy my first planar magnetic headphone since the original LCD-2.
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  2. jellofund
    Ended up buying a pair. I'd been keeping an eye on Polar's ebay store in the hope there'd be no interest at £399 and the price might fall again (very wishful thinking I suppose) but they don't seem to be having too many problems shifting them at the higher price. And there was always the risk the price might go up further if they think there's demand.

    Just hoping I actually like them now! Have been curious about the T5P 2G since release but don't have the option to audition locally and it's really rather hard to get a handle on them from reviews / impressions as opinion seems so mixed and even the way one person might describe their sound sig can be radically different to another. Right now I'm not sure what I've let myself in for but (touch wood) I will have a much better idea by this time tomorrow, weather & courier permitting.

    Either way thanks again for the heads up on these :)
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  3. jellofund
    That is a good price on the HE-400i. Noticed the HE-560 is also down to £383 on Amazon.co.uk (sold by Hifiman & fulfilled by Amazon UK), which is a bit of a bargain too.
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  4. ostewart
  5. ivo001
  6. Dcell7
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  7. Walderstorn
    Was about to comment that. Still great for dutch apple users.
  8. Crumblenaut
    Jays U-Jays on-ear headphones (iOS/Android and all colours) currently £39.99 in HMV stores, plus online with free delivery in the UK

    Wanted to buy some of these when they first came out because I love my V-Jays, I'm sure they were around the £200 mark - couldn't resist ordering some at this price.
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  9. god-bluff
    Incredible deals. v-Jays are my favourite headphones and I've admired the u jays since their release. Yes it was around £200 mark.. £40 for imo one of the most stylish headphones on the market is madness. Don't need them at all but obviously ive ordered a pair. Mad not to

    Many thanks for spotting this
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  10. god-bluff
    The u Jays deal is probably at least as good as the seemingly never ending offers on the similarly priced Sony MDR10RC and Musical Fidelity MF200/MF100, all of which I also own.

    A bargain always sounds better to my old ears.
  11. Crumblenaut
    I don't need them either, but they're practically giving them away...
    Be interesting to hear how they compare to your MF's god-bluff, i've very nearly bought the MF100's a few times but resisted because i don't need them!
  12. udd3n
    I bought them for ~20€ here in Sweden a while ago. The uJays..
  13. ivo001
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  14. Deftone
    I got the a-Jays four for £20 reduces from £80 at HMV

    Wish I didn’t bother though they don’t sound good at all, cheap Sony’s and Sennheisers have much better quality for under £50.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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  15. god-bluff
    Get the u Jays for £39.99. I got a pair and they do sound superb. Its a rare headphone that sounds this smooth yet with such detail retrieval. They are also impossibly stylish in my book. You simply will not find anything better in sound and style for this kind of money

    However even as a big fan of on ear headphones I don't find these very comfortable..the pads look nice and thick in pictures. In reality they have very thin cushioning. Also the isolation is far too great for my needs. I need to at least be a littlie aware of whats happening around me

    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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