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(EU + shipping) Xduoo X20 DAP mint

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  1. Matpar
    For Sale
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    IMG_20191013_135557.jpg IMG_20191013_135613.jpg IMG_20191013_135622.jpg Selling an Xduoo X20, latest generation DAP from the house, very powerful output and clean UI. Works wonders with USB C to coax as transport too (i.e. for the Mojo), plus control from smartphone with HiBy Music Is Just perfect.

    Selling this Just because in the meantime I received another DAP, with less than a month of life, used less than 20 hours, warranty still on. Comes complete with originale accessories like coax cable, USB cable, leatherette case, screen protective films.

    Shipping in EU included, rest of the world let's talk about It.
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2019
  2. Matpar
    Up and price drop to 170 EUR shipped in EU!
  3. Matpar
  4. Matpar

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