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Etymotics mc5

  1. Russell Tan
    Hey Guys,
    My first post on head-fi!
    Greetings from Singapore!
    1) Shure SRH240
    2) Klipsch S4
    3) Sennheiser CX870
    4) Philips SHN4600
    5) Fiio E6 Portable Amp
    6) Pailiccs LOD
    to go with my iPhone.
    Was thinking of giving myself a little Christmas present, the Etymotic mc5.
    Any opinions?
    I'm NOT WILLING to shell out the cash for a HF5.
    I haven't heard any Etymotics before so I don't know about the ety sound that people talk about.
    Whats the sound signature similar to in my list?
    I really like the sound of my Sennheiser CX870 and Klipsch S4. Find the Shure SRH240 a bit whiney and trebley...
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Leynar
    If you like the klipsh, i've doubts about you liking any of ety's sound sigs. They're accurate and analytical, whilst the klipsh is bass strong for consumer preferences. And frankly, i'm a little confused. You're going to give yourself a present but you aint gonna pay for it?[​IMG]
    BUT, YMMV with any type of audio, so i recommend you to head down to Jaben or stereo to audition various IEMs yourself. Thats the best way
    And wow, your teacher just ruined your wallet man. Thank god my teacher didnt do that!
  3. Russell Tan
    Nah... Am not really keen to pay too much. 
    What is the closest in my list that etys sound like?
    Just want a general idea for the sound signature...
    I headed down to adelphi but was in a bit of a rush the other day so I couldn't scrutinize everything there.
    I hope to be able to go say... Next week? 
    Stereo is selling the mc5 for $119. Does that give the etys a run for their money?
    Im very very keen on the etys. And yes, I do think that the klipsch is a bit on the bassy side.
    Jaben don't carry etys anymore. They used to though but even if they did itd be darn expensive lol... I find jaben very ex.
  4. Leynar
    Can't say much of that since I've only heard the s4 out of all of yours. Why are you that keen on them when you dont even know what they sound like may I ask?
  5. esanthosh
    I have not heard anything except S4 in your list, but I'd guess that Ety would sound different to them all. If you are after the Etymotic sound, skip the MC5 and go for HF5. I did not like MC5 much, but I like HF2 I own now.
    I would agree with clieOS review
  6. Russell Tan
    Hahah, err really keen on experiencing the ety sound that so many people rave about 
  7. Leynar
    I don't think it'll be a "sound" idea to get the etys just because others rave about it. I'd rather just audition it somewhere and buy something I know I like. As you said you aren't willing to let go of cash for it, yet you still want to buy something so risky. Return policies arent popular in Singapore, so we don't have that as a save guard. Just my 2cents
  8. Russell Tan
    Understand your concern, thanks so much! What do you recommend that is good?
  9. Leynar
    I'd recommend just stretching your budget. Go find a part time job in the holidays? that way you'd be happier! things like the Turbines and the DDM1s are available to you. if i'm not wrong the DDM1s are discontinued, but quite a number should be lurking around. There's one second hand one i saw yesterday at stereo going for 89, but i dont think it has warranty and the accessories
  10. Russell Tan
    I think I'll just take the plunge. Will update my comments January after christmas
  11. AstroTurf
    Well it's TYME...
    How bout that review?

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