Etymotic Research hf2 Query + Shure MPA
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Jul 20, 2009
Hi Guys,

So i have been given advice these are without doubt the best headset money can buy for an iPhone etc. Just bought an iPhone 3GS 32gb.

I am also considering the Shure SE530 with the Shure MPA. So its obvious i want to spend good money on a premium headset.

My main concern is whether i need to push the Etys so far in my ear canal to feel the true impact of bass? I am aware bass on Etys are accurate but not really as pronounced as of course the bass on the SE530's. I listen to mainly electronica-style music, but im not a bass freak by any means. Just after great all round sound with a premium quality mic attached.
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i own both and i always use the hf2 with my iphone. although the shures sound better they are a bit bulkier for day to day wear and the mpa will probably sit at chest height which can be a problem if you intend to wear it under your outer layer of clothes. the hf2 is just more convienient withe the mic and the button (which i use quite a lot for play/pause/skip) situated at your neck. and since both isolate quite well the hf2 is easier to insert remove.

well, this is of course just in my opinion.
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Thanks. I figured a majority will liken to the Shures.

@dunkadunka. In what way are they bulkier? The actual plugs? And you mentioned the hf2 is easier to take out too? What plugs are you using with them. The tri-flange seems like it goes real deep.. Foamies seem ok but again i wouldnt want to be inserting these just to hear the max bass output. Is the Ety bass alot less than the Shure? Thanks
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the shures are just a bit bulkier to store when not wearing due to thicker "cans", memory wire and thicker cabling (all good stuff though). the fit is very good and you can easily lay on your side without discomfort.

the trifangels can be put very deep which creates a bit of vacuum which can be painful, you don't gain anything by putting them that deep though. the shures can be put too deep to.

foamies are great for sound quality compared to triflanges, but they wear out in two weeks.

i feel the trifangels are easier to put in because you don't have to microadjust them to achieve optimal sound quality which i tend to do with the shures.

yes the bass is a lot less, but it is still good.
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Originally Posted by mark2410 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
well if the hf2 are anything like the er4 they are more like brain implants than IEM's, vast difference in terms of comfort

That's pretty darn accurate. Very strange feeling, almost like the music is coming from your brain, and not whatever they're plugged into.
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Originally Posted by TedwardRoberts /img/forum/go_quote.gif
That's pretty darn accurate. Very strange feeling, almost like the music is coming from your brain, and not whatever they're plugged into.

that they are, lol any deeper and they would come out the other side
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I use HF2 with Shure black olives and have no comfort or ease of use problem at all. Just shove them in and go. Have never heard the 530 and am a bit of an Ety fan(atic).
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I have owned both. After conditioning my ears to the Hf2's (ER4's as well), the 530 always seemed a bit harsh on my ears. No matter how low the volume was, they just seemed loud. Don't get me wrong, the 530's have an amazing depth of sound. But since I have been studying hearing conservation, I feel that the flat response from the Ety's are a healthy choice. Also, for iPhone, they are hands down the best, considering price, functionality, and sound. I even ordered the custom tips from ACS, which work on both HF2's and ER4's.
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I use the HF2's with flanged tips and like what I'm hearing. Never fatiguing. Still, I wonder what the next step is... if there's additional clarity and dynamism to be had at a lower price than the Shure's. Been thinking about the ER4S and wondering if anyone can compare them to the HF2 and Shure. Do they sit in the middle of these, sonically? 
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