Etymotic Kids EK-5 In Ear Monitors - Toronto, Canada local deal preferred
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Sep 29, 2008
Hey all,
Selling the much lauded budget king Etymotic Kids 5 model on sale, which I purchased only last week and is pretty much near new condition wise. The only reason I'm selling these so quickly is because I was so impressed by these that I went on to upgrade one level to Etymotic MK5. Will come with all the original accessories (I mainly used the large triple flanges, and only tried the gliders and the small TF once) and the original box. I bought these from a local authorized dealer Headfoneshop so you'll be covered warranty wise (I'll likely have to help you go through it as it's a personal E-receipt). Word of warning for those of you who are not familiar with the Ety Kids; these were designed to be volume limiting for safety of kids' hearing and thus are rated at 300 ohm impedance. At full volume on my iphone, these get to satisfying but still only moderate levels of volume, so if you listen at loud levels, these aren't the best IEM for you (unless you carry a beefy portable amp with you).
I'd like to keep this a Canada only deal, as it really doesn't make sense for the American users once the shipping cost is factored in. In particular, I'd like to keep this a Local Toronto deal if we can. These sell for $45+tax over at headfoneshop and I'm asking for $30 CAD (Head-fi, please add CAD option for listing price already!) pick up for $20 discount (taxes put these over $50). I'm located in Markham/North York area and would like to meet uptown somewhere if we can... PM for details. As for other Canadians who are interested, I could look into shipping this for you but it'll have to be at the cheapest shipping option at around +$5 addition to the $30 cost (in reality I'd be eating more costs due to bubble wrap price).
PM me for any questions or details. Thanks!
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