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Etymotic hf2 vs Klipsch Image S4i vs Apple In-Ear Heaphones w/ Remote vs V Moda Remix Remote

  1. mattlmx
    I apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge on all matters audial, and I understand you guys probably get way too many of these threads, but I'd appreciate any help. [​IMG] 

    I'm looking for a pair of in-ear 'phones below £100 ($160), with iPhone compatible remote and mic functions. Good sound isolation is essential to me (for school, on the bus etc...), as is good sound quality (hence coming to you guys).

    For the past 10 months, I've been using the V Moda Vibe Duos, which I really liked, but am now seeking to replace, as I'm on a third broken pair. I liked the sound of the Vibes, with the powerful bass, but as they were an upgrade from those godawful Apple stock headphones I'm not sure I could comment objectively on the sound quality. I'm slightly worried that I've been 'bass spoiled' by the V Modas, which are described by many as being a little overpowering in the lower end. Would I be disappointed by lack of bass in the headphones I'm referring to? Is the difference that significant?

    I listen to a lot of different styles of music - Dub, Dubstep, Drumstep, Trip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Electronica, Metal. I would also be using them for my own home music creation, since I don't have the money for dedicated monitors. Clarity an accuracy are therefore important to me, but I don't want anything lacking in the bass department, especially with the amount of bass-heavy electronic music I listen to.

    With the research I've done so far, the four headphones referred to in the thread title seem like reasonable choices, though I'm definitely leaning towards the Etymotics and Klipschs.

    Etymotic hf2: 
    There seems to be a lot of debate around these 'phones, with some saying that they are very weak in bass, and others saying this is simply the result of their accuracy (apparently, other earphones boost the bass a lot), giving them a more natural sound. Who is right? If their lack of bass is simply because they don't artificially enhance it, then would simply altering the EQ be an option for if/when more bass response is needed? I'm really interested in these headphones, and what is especially attractive to me is their sound isolation, which is apparently better than the isolation offered by any other non-active headphones. (I've heard that the Ety triple flanges will fit the S4i, is that true? If not, are there any third party companies selling tips with the same level of noise isolation as the Etymotics?)

    Klipsch Image S4i:
    Seem like a very nice product. Supposedly these are more bassy than the Etymotics, but lack their clarity and accuracy. Any idea what the noise isolation of the included tips is like?

    Apple IEM:
    I was originally very skeptical about these, but a lot of people have good things to say about them, and unlike other headphones of this price, they have dual drivers. 

    V Moda Remix:
    I liked the sound I got from my V Modas, but as I mentioned, that may be because they were my first upgrade from Apple stock 'phones. Now I'm going for an upgrade though, I'd expect something better than the sound of the Vibes, and I'm curious as to whether the Remixs provide that. I'm aware that the V Moda sound is often describes as quite muddy, with a lack of distinction in the mids and highs. I'm also quite wary of the build quality, having had three Vibes die on me. 
  2. loganirado
    Friendly bump! I'm also interested in the repercussion of this topic [​IMG]
  3. mattlmx
  4. manutd
    the s4 has a good amount of bass and good isolation with the klipsch tips (at least for me). the cable durability might be an issue as it's not as tough as some of the other brands i have. you should really try to listen to all the ones you're considering if you can. you may or may not like the sound (like me with the s4's) after you audition them.
    you might also want to check these reviews for more possible choices, the price point you're looking at should be very competitive.
  5. flash52595
    If your looking for a balanced sound I'd go with the Apple In ears as the dual drivers balance out the sound rather nicely, the offer extreme detail of sound offering just the right amount of bass, mids, and highs. It might be hard to get a good fit though (at least it was for me).
  6. Nagasaki_Kid
    throw everything from your list out except for the klipsch. hf2 and the addiem are good but might clash with some of your genre. vmoda remix are meh
    Take a look in to the monster turbine, spider realvoice and maybe something from mp4nation's brainwavz line

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