etymotic er6i: olives vs flanges
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Jul 4, 2007
I just got some etys and they are AMAZING, but thats another thread. I tried the flanges and found them to be uncomfortable and hard to use, I heard you could use shure olives so I used them and they sound great

so does anyone else do this? and is there enough difference quality wise to use the flanges instead of the olives?
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I used to use the olives on my ER-6i...amazing difference! The isolation is perfect, the comfort was great and the bass was a bit deeper too, they really are a perfect match for each other!!!
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The Shure olives and short Complys really work for me with my ER6i's ... I've used Ety biflanges and liked the excellent isolation -- when the seal held. I've never liked the tri-flanges, for some reason. But foamies make me appreciate the Etys a lot more, with their consistent fit and slightly reduced brightness.
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What about with the ER-4P's. I don't want to create a new thread just for this so was wondering. I have tiny ear canals and am using the small blue tri-flanges which I can usually get a good seal with.

Do the small Shure Olives fit the ER-4's as they have quite a long stem and the small olives look like they may not be long enough?
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They are pretty long. I changed from using medium to small olives on my UM2's because the mediums are too long for the stem on the UM2's and were covering the end and thus blocking the sound! So i think that you would be safe.
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I've used the olives also and they certainly add a little more colour and bass to the ER6i's. Though I found insertion to be a pain (think I have small ear canals) so I've settled on the Shure soft flex tips, which I love over both the olives and the flanges.
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Olive did give a better SQ to my ER6i, but I am too lazy for using foam so eventually I switched back to tri-flange, which I have no problem at the first place.
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So, this means that replacement tips are inter-changeable between Ety and Shure?
Or, just for certain models?

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