Etymotic ER38-50E filter resistance value?

  1. nkramer
    well it looks like ety finally discontinued the ER38-50E filters. does anyone know the acoustic resistance of these?

    i'm probably going to have to find another source but would like to match the resistance if possible.

    it's these little white ones. for the er6i, er22 & i believe the old (red/blue) version of the er4
  2. PharmNerd
    Did you ever have any luck finding filters for the ER6i? My earbuds still work great, and I'm more than a little ticked that Ety decided to stop making them.

    I emailed them about finding the filters, and they just gave me a link to a site where they'd give me about 20% off new earbuds if I mail them my ER6is.
  3. nkramer
    at least you got a response. they didn't respond to my email about the missing/discontinued filters.

    i did pick up some standard knowles filters, but haven't tried them in the er6i yet. will probably be a little loose in the nozzle (comparing to how the er6i filters fit into a pair of westone w1 nozzles that now have the knowles filters in) green 1.5k

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