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Etymotic ER2SE - A Reference Headphone for your Ears and Your Couplers

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  1. antdroid
    I received the ER2/MH755 from @McMadface this week and performed a set of measurements and dumped it on a shared drive. I can send these off early next week. Who is the next one up in line?
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  2. csglinux
    That was quick work @antdroid :)
    We have the luxury of plenty of time now, as Jude won't be able to look at measuring these until after CanJam London at the end of this month. A couple of thoughts in the meantime...

    @McMadface - could you give @antdroid read/write permissions to your Google drive shared folder so that he can upload his results?

    Anybody else in the US interested in joining the tour? @SilverEars - I already know your coupler will give results very close to mine, but maybe that would be a good validation exercise for your Hugo 2/UM2/REW setup??
  3. antdroid
    I uploaded data yesterday. I'll rerun again just to make sure I like my data. But just let me know. Someone wanted to job this science project. It's fun!
  4. SilverEars
    Ok, let me get in on this. I'm curious how a Ety dynamic driver tuned iem sounds, and measures.
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  5. csglinux
    Great! No rush here @antdroid, but maybe once you're totally done you can pm @SilverEars and at some point post those two IEMs on to him?
  6. SilverEars
    Received the unit from @antdroid, and can't wait to listen and measure it!
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  7. SilverEars
    My first impression is unfortunately not so good. It's definitely not as detailed as the ER4, and to me details are pretty lacking. I was also reminded of how much I find Ety iem insertion discomforting. Not only that, the ear-tips are not giving me good enough fit to get good balanced sound on both sides. I get good seal on the left ear, but no the right, I'm not getting good fit with good seal even with large tips (but, this is just how my ears are, likely not symmetric). I can hear that the emphasis is on the middle band of the upper-mids, and the upper band of upper-mids sounds to be lacking a bit, and perhaps is the reason for lacking details. It's a bit shouty due to this emphasis as well.

    If you look at how narrow the driver housing is, you already can tell only a micro dynamic fit in there if you want a dynamic. I think this is the issue, something of such form (being so narrow for deep insertion) is better off with a single BA, not dynamic. Leave the dynamic drivers for the housing with large diameters to move a lot of air! So yes, bass is lacking, and it just reminds me of bass being inadequate with the Ety SE series, and XR being an improvement. People can call it as 'neutral' as much they want, but to me this isn't neutral. I need more bass, and particularly the subs. The bass does dig down to the subs to be all that interesting either. Also, I think lack of higher frequency emphasis, and low bass level reduces the dynamics. I prefer more dynamics.

    Also, ER2SE is pretty inefficient. It takes me quite a bit of volume to get it up to some good listening level, and I think it's also due to middle portion of upper-mids emphasis with lower levels everywhere else. I think there are many Chi-fi iems now a days can pretty much beat this performance at the same or lower price level.

    You know what? I think the Sony MH755 which goes for around $6 has better sound quality!

    Edit: Also, in regards to the tour unit (black MH755), and my MH755 (white), slater told me the black units are purposely tuned to have more bass in the response.

    As far as the graph of the ER2SE. It's just like how I hear it. It needs some treble, and bass.

    Tour kit.jpg

    Normalized at 1k

    tour 2.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  8. antdroid
    The ER2XR is my preferred model of the two, and I find it hitting a really nice sweet spot for isolation, warmth, subbass, and details. Most people I've talked seem to steer towards the ER2XR so far.
  9. SilverEars
    Is it just me or does the ER2SE nozzle look thinner compared to the ER4? Or is the new Etys have thinner nozzle?

    Also, in regards to the tour unit (black MH755), and my MH755 (white), slater told me the black units are purposely tuned to have more bass in the response.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  10. Raketen
    On my set it looks very slightly thicker at the flanged part than the ER4P. Perhaps it looks thinner because the body is a bit thicker but the nozzle is similar size?
  11. Max Choiral

    Of course Ety signature isn't neutral to you cause it's pretty obvious your preferences fall under V-shaped sound, no?
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  12. yuriv
    Hi all,
    I just discovered this excellent thread after being out for a few months. I’d like to participate in the tour. If the stops are already set in stone, no big deal. I’ll just wait for the next tour. Otherwise, I’d like to be one of the last two in the U.S. because I might be getting more couplers from China when a friend comes back from Beijing around August 12. That’s a month away, which might be too late. In that case, I’ll just measure with the couplers I have now. I’m in South Florida, if it helps with the planning.

    BTW, you measurement-minded folks might find my laughable attempt at a cheap headphone-measuring system amusing: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/relatively-cheap-headphone-measuring-kit.664900/page-3#post-15058473
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  13. SilverEars
    Nice of you to join Yuriv!

    I don't know how you came up all those measurement rigs, but you have a huge influence in this community in terms of measurement rigs and modding.

    I realized Crin was basically using your cheap rig for awhile until you put out the information on clone GRAS couplers.
  14. hakuzen
    my black unit (like most or all black units) seems to be fake: bloated bass, nothing to do with white ones. the sound is completely different.

    welcome, @yuriv !
  15. csglinux
    Hi @yuriv, Welcome! Happy to have you onboard :) I'm sure we can work with your schedule. So far, the only other person in the queue over here in the US is Jude, but he's tied up until early next month. @SilverEars - once you're finished, would you mind shipping both IEMs back to me (I have a demo hi-res coupler incoming from GRAS and I'd like to add results from that to compare with Jude's - plus, I really didn't do justice to the poor MH755s as McMadface and I were in a bit of a time crunch that day at CanJam.) What would you all think of the following:

    @SilverEars -> @csglinux -> @jude -> @yuriv -> @castleofargh -> @hakuzen ?

    Unless... @Slater - would you be interested in jumping in?
    Also, just a heads-up @yuriv, that would leave you on the hook for the international shipment cost to @castleofargh :fearful:
    Would you be ok with that?

    That's a very interesting observation. My suggestion would be, even if they are fake, we can still measure @McMadface's MH755 and learn something from the inevitable car wreck we're going to get in comparing all our responses over 10 kHz :wink:

    Just one quick comment/thought. It looks like nobody else has so far tried to measure THD, at least not via stepped sine. Just throwing it out there...
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