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Etymotic ER-6i (White)

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  1. Brent Hutto
    For Sale
    I've had these ER-6i in-ear monitors for several years but only used them once or twice a year on long airplane trips, preferring to use full-size headphones at home. Mainly because they aren't particularly comfortable since they fit so deep. But on an airplane that wonderful isolation is worth it. They sound really excellent straight from an iPod and don't particularly benefit from or require amplication in my opinion.

    Anyway, I've always used the white silicone 3-flange eartips which I've now discarded and installed a fresh, never-used pair of tan foamies in their place. The IEM is in great condition, I haven't pulled on the wires and they are absolutely immaculate (except for the used eartips I threw away). Still with the original zipper case and filter tool although I do not have any spare eartips or spare filters.

    Price is $32.50 shipped and PayPal'd, continental USA only please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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