Esw9 with ibasso T3 any good ?
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Apr 15, 2010
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Hi guys! i want to make an ultra portable headphone setup, i own ATH-esw9 i love them a lot but i feel i want more soundstage and i need better instrument separation (my source is sansa fuze). I have ibasso p3+ before and i really like how they separate the instrument. Will iBasso t3 did great job like p3+ does ? can you suggest another amp with similar size to t3 (or at least can fit in the samba j2 headphone case)?
thanks ....
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Well the T3's are made for IEM's or any headphones that can be easily driven. The esw9's being quite up there in the price range, i am not sure how hard they are to drive.
And since you specified any particular budget, I am gonna recommend you the Arrow 12HE for most of your needs.
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42-ohm and 103 db/mw
I'd be surprised if they were hard to drive.
A good amp should still make them sound at least a little better than the built-in amp in your fuze.

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