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Estron or BTG-Audio?

  1. vurtomatic
    Would appreciate your advice as I don't change/update my audio accessories much.

    I'm looking for a cable below USD 150 for my first gen, custom 1964 Quad.

    Currently using an Estron Linum Music cable, which I like for its thinness and portability. The sound on the left side just went out and I'm hoping it's just a cable issue.

    This is my second EL Music cable because the sound went out on the first one after a few weeks and I returned them for a replacement. This second one lasted me maybe 2 years.

    (I don't believe its my usage that's wearing them out because I baby my IEMs; original cable from 1964 lasted me 4 years.)

    Now that I need a new cable I'm deciding between an Estron Linum Bax or BTG Starlight (seems to be the only one available, don't see a Sunrise).

    Also open to suggestions as I'm not current with what's out there and I'm referring to this old thread: https://www.head-fi.org/f/threads/aftermarket-iem-cable-list-now-more-visually-stimulating.633501/
  2. s4life
    Whatever you do, please dont use BTG audio, Brian Goto is going to take your money and never ever reply to any message you sent him. He's scamming people left and right out of their money, see his Facebook webpage

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