Essential tv shows/movies
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How can you criticize the 3rd season of Dexter if you haven't even seen it?

Season 1 - getting to know Dexter
Season 2 - Dexter gets to know Dexter
Season 3 - Dexter realizes he's not alone
Season 4 - I am looking forward to Dexter's 4th season more than any other TV show this year.

The only real problem I see with Dexter is that there can be only one ultimate conclusion and seeing how it crushes those closest to Dexter won't be pleasant.

Its not so much criticizing the third season (which I Certainly admit I cannot criticize without watching it), but rather criticizing when to stop the show. And the second season wrapped things up in a nice gift basket. Season 3 appears (just the fact that season 3 exists, no criticisms on any episode/story line etc) to be an attempt to extend something that had an ending. If I remember correctly the actual Dexter story ended sometime during season 2 (I'm referring to the series of books and that story line) and the writers did a very good job wrapping things up, at this point I would hate to see what was a perfect tale of the compulsive killer, destroyed and dragged on. But now that season 3's over, theres a good chance I'll binge and watch all of the episodes during laborday weekend.

Oh did anyone mention Lost yet? Now that's a trip.
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hmmm... no love for Entourage?
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+1 for Firefly, The Wire, The Sopranos, Top Gear, Star Trek: DS9, House MD and Cowboy Bebop.

My sense of humor fits with animated comedies like Dilbert, The Critic, Harvey Birdman and Frisky Dingo. I find shows like this work well on small screens, being funny and short. I have this sort of thing on my Blackberry.

I wouldn't watch a movie on an iPod... just, no. My IMDb profile lists some movies I've liked though.
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30 Rock + How I Met Your Mother + The Wire + The Sopranos = Your life is complete

As for films, see my DVD collection
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The Wire

The Wire

The Wire

Get it?
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As for newer stuff: True Blood, Stargate Atlantis, Weeds, Hung, Deadwood. Some of those shows get played for comedy more often than you'd think to wonderful results.
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Originally Posted by Yikes /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Guilty Pleasures: "Buffy", "Desperate Housewives"Chuck

DH has been one of my guilty pleasures as well, but darn if the show finally lost me last year. I didn't even make it to Novermber sweeps,


Since no one has mentioned it yet, I throw The Wire into the discussion. It's the best show I ever watched and was amazingly consistent.

*joking about the no one mentioned part *
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True Blood
Big Bang Theory - oh so so good!
Criminal Minds

^my rotation
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Keeping Up Appearances


MI-5 (Known as Spooks in the UK)

Long Way Down & Long Way Around (Ewan McGregor and his mate Charlie Boorman go around the world Scotland to New York and then from Scotland to South Africa)

State of Play (The BBC miniseries, though the movie is apparently really good too)

Rome (Super dramatic, but production values like this come once in a long while)

Little Mosque on the Prairie (I loved it, but I don't think it was as successful as it could have been)

Last recommendation, will you be using TV out from the ipod or just watching on the screen? A touch might work better for watching over such a long period of time.
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Always been partial to West Wing myself.
BSG and Dexter and Northern Exposure are very good as well.
Six feet under is great the fist few and last seasons, but in between is way too out there for my tastes.
Seinfeld, Family Guy and early Office makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times Ive seen the episodes.
Anybody remember the Larry Sanders show? That always cracked me up too.
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Originally Posted by jaszypoo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Big Bang Theory - oh so so good!

Sheldon is so naive..

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