Essential components to use comp as a decent source O_O
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Mar 31, 2008
Hello there.

I'm quite noobish at these fields... I'd like to use computer as a source, however I totally lack knowledge. I assume integrated sound card is way too narrow throat to "satisfy" higher class headphones. I've been already recommended to buy x-fi, still I'd like to know your opinions ^^' - what to buy? (price does matter

Oh, one more. I was thinking about using the device with a laptop. Are thingies like external x-fi's (connected via usb) any good? And are there any external alternatives?
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I'm a noob as well, but I can tell you what NOT to buy. Stay away from the M-Audio Audiophile USB. The latest drivers are garbage on both Win and Mac. The thing locks up the USB bus on a regular basis on the mac, and periodicly (every 20 mins or so) goes into never never land on the PC. M-Audio might make some better models, but I cannot speak for or against them. The Audiophile USB is horrible.
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Personally, I'd stay away from any X-fi products. They are generally oriented toward gamers rather than users who want the best music reproduction.

And if you want to use it with a laptop, then you probably want a USB device. There are some FireWire interfaces out there, too, but those are mostly for home recording applications more than for people whose primary need is simply to listen.

Keep doing research here on head-fi as there is a lot of info on good devices for use with laptops.

If you are running a PC rather than a Mac, I would suggest downloading and running "DPC Latency Checker" first--just Google that string and you will find the download page. That application will warn you if existing devices on your PC require high bandwidth that will cause problems with audio reproduction....some video card drivers and wireless network cards have caused a lot of frustration for users here. Again, searching around the site will turn up a lot of info on that!
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I would suggest checking out the Auzentech X Meridian. Its focused specifically on high quality audio. Swap some opamps and it is capable of some awesome sound quality as well as being one of the most powerful boards around. An easy to use control panel and stable drivers. Google it and read the reviews for youself. I think they can be purchased from the Auzentech store in Germany for less than we get em for in the US. Steve
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Well then... I've done some research, I'm considering
Audiotrak Optoplay, Edirol UA-1EX, Xmod X-Fi Xtreme, E-MU 0202
Could you guys tell me shortly about their sq? Or they're all about the same level so I can choose the cheapest

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