Esound E5 signature from cattylink
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Jul 9, 2009
Hi, can anyone help. I purchased an Esound E5 signature cd player from a couple of years back. After only a couple of hundred hours use the transport stopped working. I contacted cattylink and they went through a few steps to clean contacts which didn't help. They said they would contact esound engineers but that was two months ago and despite numerous e-mails all I have had was a rather impudent reply. So thats the last thing I would ever buy from them.
All I am looking for is some help to get it fixed. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on a circuit diagram or anyone in UK who could fix it. There is no power to transport but can't trace the fault.
Any help would be appreciated.
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If you have not done so, send a pm to drarthurwells. He seems to be the resident expert in the US on the Eastsound and actually does a lot of repairs for Eastsound as a consultant. It is possible you just need to replace the transport, which is fairly simple and he should be able to send you one for very little money.

Unfortunately, he is about the only resource for the Eastsound units that I know of. Cattylink (Snowy Law) seems barely able to write in English, so I doubt he will be of much help to you.
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Thanks very much for that, I have sent him a PM, hopefully he can help, I really like the cd player and it would seem a shame just to throw it in the bucket.
cheers for now

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