es7 vs ath a700
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Jul 22, 2009
[size=medium]es7 vs ath a700[/size]

soo im in between these two headphones, i love bass and listen to lots of house music and rap
some rock nd mellow music at times also
probably be driven outta a regular ipod so not planning on getting a amp, yet

i found both phones for around 100 and was just wondering which one would you guys recommend or believe is better?
pretty much set on getting one or the other unless the beats by dre drop to like 150
which wont happen so yeahh haha

also i see the a700 has like 10 feet cords and people say there massive 0_o
but then the es7 clamps to tightly and takes 200 ++ hours to break in
yeah id prob use em for outdoors to

which have better bass ? and/or is better over all
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I have the A500, which I use regularly, while my old ES-7s sit at work largely unused.

- A500 has more bass than ES-7, although ES-7 has more detail in the mids
- A500 is much more comfortable than ES-7
- A700 is a step up from the A500

I think it should be pretty clear that I think you should get the A700 - that price is a steal compared to the best I can currently get them for in Oz.

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