Eric McChanson Headphone Amp??
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Should spend more time with my plants. They are just as rewarding !

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Eric is sooooooooo gooooooood. He gave me detail instructions on how to identify plate and grid on both the adapter and the top caps of the tube. Here is the instructions. Bookmark it. If a noob like me can follow it, so can you.

Hi Matt,

I check that your rabbit ears tube has the same key position for the filament and cathode.. I assume they make the right connection for this three pins that is 2, 7 for filament and pin 8 for the cathode.... The only problem is to identify the ears.

Now how can we identify the caps from the socket converter... Do they mark the caps which is for the plate ( such as a P label) , which for the grid ( marked G) ?

The next is how can we identify the ears... which is for plate and which is for grid...
Having identify all the above, then just plug in the Plate cap to the plate ear, and Grid cap to the Grid ear.
Then plug the tube (with tube socket converter ) to the 6J5 socket... Not to switch ON yet. remove the 6BW4 rectifier tube, then switch ON, to see the the the tube glow.
Then switch OFF, add in the rectifier tube 6BW4, then switch ON. it should be all good, and test the sound.
Now, How can we know which ear is a plate and which ear is a grid.. see picture, You can see the Ears are connecting to the different part of the tube inside. The Plate is outside and the grid is inside. so you can see, with the help of the attached picture to determine which is the plate ear and which is the grid ear.

Now How can we know which is a plate cap or a grid cap... please see sketch attached showing the plate and grid pin of a 6J5 ( bottom view, i.e you are facing the adapter bottom ), now take the multimeter, switch on continuity range. ( or Ohm select). take the red pin to pin 3 ( that is the plate) and the black pin to touch one of the cap. If it sounds or showing low ohm, then this cap IS the plate Cap, if not then take the black pin to touch the other Cap, it should sound or showing low ohm, then this is a grid cap... If you like you can test for the other cap by using the red pin to pin 5, the cap sounds or low ohm is the grid..

Now you should have identify the plate cap and plate ear, plug it in, similarly for the Grid cap and grid ear too....

I think you have plug the tube with the converter adapter onto the 6J5 socket and .... enjoy.... ?! ... : ))

OK, It is a bit hard, but also not too difficult, if you have questions, please let me know.




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Stop for a night of listening to Ultimate because I went to see Mission Impossible. :)

Resuming now comparing GEC VR135 and GEC L63. This is an eye opener. Cost wise GEC L63 = $315 ; GEC VR135 = $191. All in aussie dollars. To my ears, they sound just as good. I haven't been able to pick up the nuances that differentiates them. Soundstage on both are wide, tonally that of GEC lovely timbre. These are amongst the best of my drivers, so much so I have not used my good 12AT7s in a while. These and ECC34 and ECC35 feature very highly on my top tubes.

Next to try is the Mullard VR135 and Shuguang 6C8P.
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Using Mullard rabbit ears now. I laugh when Eric call it rabbit ears. I think the name will stick now. :) Immediately I can hear the Mullard to be warmer than the GEC. Different flavours. This now reminds me of the the ECC35. Unbelievably good tone even when first power up from a new pair from Dan of AudioValve UK. These cost AUD $76 a pair. That's incredible value.

No noise at all from these tubes and adapters from MrsX. Just pure silence on power up with no music playing. Not even a pop or crackle from these 1950s tubes.

I use HD800 mainly for testing tube tones. It's the perfect headphone for it. On the song 'Keith Don't Go'. :)

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Sun has come up and I have other activities today. A birthday party to attend. So I wanted to sample all the rabbit ears. The only one not here is the Russian.

This is the Shuguang 6C8P. It's brand new and has metal base. :) Construction is more coarse than the Mullard and GEC. The GEC has the best construction and physical feel.

However these Chinese rabbit ears are a real surprise to me. They could be my favourite of the 3 rabbit ears and it's the cheapest ! US$14 a pair ! Sound is clear and clean. Precision, precision and precision. You can pick out minute details of the song. Timbre is still very good. Who would have known. I was going to write off these Shuguang.

I would qualify though. There is no best amongst the 3 rabbit ears here. They are all beautiful rabbits of different colors. :wink:



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