ER6P vs CX300 II vs ATH-EM9D
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Dec 12, 2008
First off let me introduce myself. Hi! I've been a lurker here now for almost a year and decided it was about time I joined.

I realise that this review is a bit unfair as these IEMs/clip-ons are at very different price points, however since I just bought the two IEMs, I might as well.

In quiet environments, I found the ER6Ps to have a very similar sound to the EM9Ds; however the EM9Ds do have a better soundstage, probably as they're open. The CX300s were a lot bassier than the other two, even with equalisation on my macbook (not standard itunes equalizer, using standalone software called Hear). They also had a very audible amount of background hiss. Could this be due to them having an impedance of 16 ohms?

For detail and isolation, the ER6Ps are the clear winner. The EM9Ds are probably let down by noise leakage and the CX300s by lower quality drivers and eartips.

The Fiio E3 was unusable through an ipod's line out as the sound is just too high. This would have been used much more than the PA2v2 as it is far more portable, however the fiio seems to distort bass slightly. This coupled with no option for line out use rules it out. I have heard the E5 has a volume control, however it's sound quality is apparently worse.

Having listened largely to the HD212s, at first I must admit I preferred the sound of the CX300s (although these will probably get palmed off to my girlfriend) when the hiss was not audible. However I'm adapting to the more neutral soundstage of the ER6Ps; definitely enjoying the clarity boost. One thing I will say against the ER6Ps though is that the foam tips that came with it didnt fit me at all. They barely made a seal, often falling out whilst sitting down. I'll probably buy a different pair of foam tips as a lot of head-fiers seem to prefer them.
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Oct 17, 2008
Well i too am in the midst of moving from my CX300 to the ER6i.
The CX300 is pretty poor really. However it actually sounds pretty good with treble boost from my 2g ipod mini.
I got my ER6i about a month ago but havent really gotten to using it regularly.
The tri-flange tips just dont do it for me, waaaay too uncomfortable. The standard foam tips don't fit my ears properly either.
I am now waiting for my sample pack of tips from Etymotic to try out other tips.
Another thing I noticed is that my ipod doesnt seem to be driving the ER6i well. Stuff like cymbals sound strange... Sounds excellent out of my Xonar D2X though.
Not too practical since I really bought it for on-the-go use. My K701 handles home listening. Will be getting a new pmp soon though. This ipod mini is well and truly on its last legs.

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