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ER4P to DT-770 or DT-1770?

  1. DuncanF
    Can I pick your collective brains please? I use Ety ER4P with custom sleeves as my daily driver via a Meier USB DAC amp (Corda 2Move) in the office, or directly into my phone when on the move. However it is becoming, literally, a pain in the ear to constantly remove them as I am interrupted at work. So I'm on the lookout for closed, over ear headphones, and had settled on the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohm. But what about the DT-1770? Hmmm.

    There is a 200 page DT-1770 thread which I'm wading through for opinions, but thought I'd ask here too.

    I'm happy to drop GBP 110 on the DT 770, but may need convincing to drop GBP 380 on the DT 1770. Are they worth the extra money? I love my Etys. Will I be equally happy with either of my Beyer choices or, given that the DT1770 are more in the price range of the Etys (GBP 300), is that where I should be looking to get the same level of performance?

    Any help, thoughts, guidance will be much appreciated.

  2. catscratch Contributor
    DIY Audio Heaven has measurements for both the DT770 and the DT1770 on their page as well as some comments on sound, and on their relative value to each other. Useful comments.

    Personally I like the DT770 but I don't like Etys. With that in mind, they may not necessarily be for you, it's not the same sound signature. The Beyers are a bit V-shaped in EQ, the mids are quite nice actually but the bass is pretty big and the highs are a bit steely. If you have access to an equalizer or can install APO or something similar on your work machine, you can probably fix the FR issues, and make them sound more like the Etys if you want. Other than that, they're very comfortable and well-built headphones, with the only blemish in their ergonomics being the somewhat old-school headband design that's sometimes prone to uncomfortable pressure hotspots on the top of your head.

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