ER-6 vs. AKG K401
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Jeff Guidry

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Apr 6, 2002
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Apr 6, 2002
I'm looking to supplement my favored MDR-V6's with a more detailed can that has a better soundstage. Accurate bass reproduction is more important to me that slamming bass, since I already have the V6 to take care of that. My listening tastes for these new headphones will be for lighter pop music, like Natalie Merchant, the Sundays, Coldplay, Poco, Eagles, and the like.

The ER-6 and K401's are in my price range. I have heard the ER-6's already, and I did not like them, but I believe that was because I was listening to them through my pana 570 portable, which really does not give enough quality sound or controlled power to these canalphones to do them justice.

The K401's are recommended on as good for pop and rock. They get higher marks for comfort, since I honestly would prefer not to deal with in-ear phones.

How do these phones stack up with one another? Do you have other suggestions given my requirements? I would rather keep this next purchase between 100-150 USD.

P.S. I believe I will be purchasing a Headroom Little to power these, or perhaps upgrading my JMT built Cmoy to accomodate the K401's.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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