ER-4P and the fixup cable
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Mar 29, 2002
I have a set of ER-4Ps and I'm thinking of getting the fixup cable because I can't stand the microphonic noise from the cable. Two questions:

1. Is it really necessary to send my buds to them to replace the cable? It doesn't seem too difficult. Simply unplug the old and plug in the new, right? Has anyone done this themselves? Any problems?

2. I guess I need to specify 20, 50, or 100 ohm resistors. Which one should I get? Will I get better sound with the 100 ohm? I use the ER-4Ps exclusively with a SlimX and have been setting the volume control only at around 12 - 14. It seems like I might be able to get suitable volume out of the SlimX without another amp. Is this true?

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Jun 15, 2002
There's been heaps of discussion on this topic so I'd recommend that you search the boards here for Etymotics and fixup, and you can read a bit of debate on these subjects.

On the 50 or 100ohm topic, both modes have their fans. But there are messages on Head-Fi from an Etymotics official, where he claims that Ety specifically rejected 50 ohms during the 4p design phase on the basis of unexpected distortion under certain rare specific conditions. Other folks here swear by the 50 ohm mod, so ymmv. I'd say do the 100 if you've got an amp for sure...or see if you can try both and return the one you like less?

If you do get the cable, please do report back on your satisfaction. I'd be interested to hear your opinions on the mod. I'm using the short fixup 4P->4S adapter for now myself--just got it yesterday in fact. Does change the phones for sure, but I'm still experimenting with it, and waiting from my new amp to arrive as well.
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Oct 22, 2001
I have the 4P's with the matching Fix-up cable. You do not have to send him your buds. Unplug and plug the new ones on (carfully of course). Th big advantage is the lack of microphonics. If you plan on moving at all try them. I felt kind of silly listening with the stock cables looped over my ears. I hope Etymotic changes their cable design..

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