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EQing the UM2s with an IRiver

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by donaldekelly, May 7, 2005.
  1. donaldekelly Contributor
    Got some new UM2s today. Bass included! What is the best EQ to use on the IRiver to get the highs to sound more ety like?

    IRiver has funny and unclear EQ settings for the most part - just looking for some tips if anyone has any.

  2. wolfen68 Contributor
    I think Normal EQ (none) is the best.
  3. donaldekelly Contributor
    Oh - more details in case it makes a difference - using ety triflanges, and ety P to S cable and Portaphile amp.

    Thanks for the response - I realize this is a rather osbcure question.
  4. mico730
    I don't use any EQ with my UM2 either. But if you want it more ety like, you may just use the treble boost, +4db should be enough.
  5. catscratch Contributor
    I've shied away from EQ with UM2 and reverted to using Ety triflanges. I'll live with whatever sonic imperfections they have. I don't expect them to be UE10 Pro or Stax 001 quality, but for what they are, I really like their sound.

    I mod Ety triflanges by lopping off the first (smallest) flange. This way, they are shortened and don't protrude (as much) from the sound tube (and your ears). The seal is better this way too, and easier to get, though I'm having a hard time equalizing air pressure inside sealed ears and outside, like I would with the Ety's.

    Ety treble sounds jacked up to my ears. The ex-tri-flanged UM2's treble sounds just right.
  6. johnmatrix
    Also try replacing the comply foam with Mack's soft foam. I find there is a treble boost.
  7. donaldekelly Contributor
    Mack's soft foam???

    Where do you get that?

    Thanks for all the responses.
  8. johnmatrix
    Try a drug store, I bought mine at CVS.

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