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EQE: Systemwide parametric equalizer for iOS (jailbreak)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by r333d, Mar 5, 2018.
  1. r333d
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hey everyone, I'm the developer of EQE which is a systemwide parametric EQ for iOS. It can be downloaded for free off of Cydia (jailbreak required), and is compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

    Why I made this - A while back I was trying to find a suitable parametric EQ for smartphones and realized there's nothing that's really viable. The only one I found for Android was this, which was far from user-friendly and required manually editing an .xml file to make changes. And of course there's Viper4Android, but when I used it, it seemed snakeoil-y and didn't have a parametric EQ. The only one I found in v4a was the 6-band equalizer. So I set out to make this.

    Here's a video of me using it (excuse the clipping, I recorded this in a rush and forgot to turn down the preamp, not to mention YouTube messing up the audio)

    These are the filters I put in (with configurable gain, Q-factor, and frequency in realtime):

    • All-pass
    • Band-pass
    • Band-pass with Q peak gain
    • Peaking EQ
    • High-pass
    • Low-pass
    • High-shelf
    • Low-shelf
    • Notch

    Through my testing you can have over 200 filters at the same time without any lag. If the filter you want isn't in this list, you can create a custom one through the Lua scripting API here.

    Overall this mod tightly integrates with Lua scripting so you can pretty much script the entire equalizer to do whatever you want, including integration with other tweaks like Activator (e.g. so you can automatically open a preset while connecting certain types of headphones). I wrote some tutorials in the Lua scripting subforum if you wanna learn more. There's also a command line interface that you can control through SSH which is entirely written in Lua.

    Playback history tracker

    I also built in an optional playback history tracker: which can be used locally or used to "scrobble" online to my site eqe.fm.


    This part is also systemwide so it automatically integrates with every app that sends the song metadata to the control center and lockscreen. This can also be scripted to scrobble to Last.FM but I nor anybody else has gotten around to that part yet.




    I don't know how many people on this forum have a jailbroken iPhone but I thought I'd put the word out there. I'll be watching this thread for feature requests and bug reports
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  2. Harold999
    Awesome! Exactly what i was looking for. Just jailbreaked my iPhone for this. Many thanks.

    I notice that when i set -3db on a band, this seems way more than i'm normally used to with other equalizers. -3db seems almost like -6db or something.
  3. lamode
    I wish I could find something like this without having to jailbreak!
  4. nort ycagel
    is this tool still working?

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