Entry-level Basshead choice, DT770 or D1000
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just MORE bass? definitely the dt770s, however the d1000 bass is still there and is probably better for a wider range of music. If you only want bass though, the dt770s would be good.
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I assume the denons would have more bass. I dont have any experience with the d1000 since I have the d2000 but if theyre anything alike then youre probably going to like them better than the dt770. Comfort wise I'd take the denons.
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I found my dt770 to be great for gaming because of the velour pads. No sweating, and they are very comfy. Also, you will get some good mid-bass for explosions, gunfire etc...
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The D1000 are a bit more congested in the bass area though, but not much. I find the performance in all areas evolve pretty much the same amount (or linear if you will) through out the series of D1000 D2000 and D5000. Love em all.
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I prefered the denons for ease of listening. The 770's have way more bass.
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Also, the blu-tak mod on the DT770s makes them a much better headphone. You won't lose much if any quantity, but you'll gain a lot in quality (and it'll stop overpowering the mids, which makes it a much better headphone for music). Of course, I wouldn't be surprised to find that a similar mod to the Denon's would likewise benefit them.
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Originally Posted by MontyPythizzle /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I see your Denons are gone though :p

I just got the 770's :wink: I sold the Denons to help finance the "upgradeitus" I needed the money for the $300 dollars i spent on the ATH-A900LTD.
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dt770 for bass. and an amp will tighten up the bass.

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