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Enlarged Westone 2 pin socket fixes?

  1. suicidal_orange
    I somehow managed to catch one of my trusty old Heir Tzar 90s on my oven handle and as I stood up gave the cable a good tug, snapping both the pins. Luckily it didn't land in the oven, which was on!

    After some careful tweezering the pins came out but the new replacement cable is too loose to use while moving, the cable falls out even when wearing over-ear. I've just cheked remembering the UE connectors were a different size but seems they're smaller so that's not going to help.

    I considered tinning the pins with solder to make them a bit fatter but they're very small so thought I'd check if there's any better option?
  2. RestlessZombi
    Don't take the following as good ideas, just ideas :) Tinning and sanding might help but likely you'll just sand the solder off. Best thought i had was to use some needle nose pliers to "flatten" the pins making them more oval to make them a little bigger in one dimension without adding anything that will affect the plating on them. This may miss-shape the IEM connectors but it sounds like they are already.
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  3. suicidal_orange
    Literally a 30 second fix and thanks to my overzealous crushing the cable now fits tighter than before. These will never be sold so not worried about the inevitable socket damage - thanks Zombi!
  4. RestlessZombi
    You're er.. Welcome.. :) I had a similar thing recently held the soldering iron to the pin for too long and the pin moved and then was set in place.. a reheating moved it back but its still at an angle though works now..

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